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We deliver innovative technology that combines scalable messaging servers and visionary user experiences - we are Inno-Vision.

By developing strategic and commercial visions for next generation products we work with our financial and telecommunication industry partners to further deliver capabilities often too costly for many businesses directly engaged in a marketplace. This background positioning allows Inno-Vision to be an embedded technology provider and operator, thereby allowing our partners to ensure Service-Level Agreements achieved.

Inno-Vision owns proprietary financial and telecommunications technology, including patents and a fully customisable enterprise-grade secure environment for mission-critical transaction routing. These are exploited in development activities, and concepts further refined for the lodgment of other patent applications - this is an ingrained process within our product and development teams

Our products are reliable, secure and stable - seamlessly delivering solutions that are both visionary and backwardly compatible.

  • Feature:
    Introducing tapR™
  • Read Anywhere
  • Read & Share
  • Info. Responses
  • Analyse it!
  • Socially Connected
  • Interactive Menus
  • Order Control
  • Deliver & Verify
IV technology:
  • tapR™ Interactions
  • in-VOLVE™
  • Inno-SENSE™
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