Social Networks used socially

tapQ™ allows customers to connect to venues (clubs, restaurants, etc) using any of the social networks they use.

By connecting through a social network tapQ™ uses Inno-Vision's core technologies of In-VOLVE™ and Inno-SENSE™ to simplify the registration and login processes while developing a direct connections between venues and customers.

After connecting tapQ™ records previous orders and item preferences to ease the ordering processes.

tapQ™ Facebook Login

Item data made interactive

Venues already have menus in their point of sale (POS) and web ordering systems. tapQ™ integrates and delivers these details within an interactive ordering app.

tapQ™ has an interactive ordering module which provides a simple interface for choosing and specifying item requirements such as quantity or specialisation details.

The order is fully prepared on the mobile device before submitting to the tapQ™ Order Control module. All details are delivered within the app which reducing time preparing an order.

tapQ™ Order Control

Mobilise the whole order process

If required, venue location devices (table codes, iBeacons, etc) can be used to assist in targeting order delivery.

Many venues require locators to be used when ordering due to either a large area or a great number of people being served. tapQ™ can integrate with many of these technologies as required, or custom technologies can be implemented as required.

tapQ™ Order Details

Local verification of orders

The order completion process generates a (barcode or QR) verification code which can be used when delivering orders for better management.

When coupled with a purpose build local app used on a mobile device the order loop can be easily closed through the quick scanning of a barcode or QR code when the order is delivered.

This verification process can also be used to trigger customer satisfaction surveys or enter customer details for special offers.

tapQ™ Order QR Code
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