Take web sites mobile

No implementation of new technologies.

No need to modify existing content.

tapR™ transforms web site content into an interactive mobile application using Inno-Vision's In-VOLVE™ and Inno-SENSE™ technologies.

Customers see existing and new website content within a scrollable tile/list interface for easy reading and selection on mobile devices. Once an item is selected a full screen view is presented -- even offline.

tapR™ Tile View

Connect via social networks

Social networks such as Facebook™, Twitter™, LinkedIn™ and others are used constantly by billions globally -- tapR™ allows them to use existing social network registrations as its registration & login service.

People use social networks to publish their daily lives, chat with friends, or to maintain a single login to many applications. tapR™ uses these as a login service and a mechanism for sharing information from tapR™ to connected friends. All without leaving tapR™.

tapR™ is rich with information tools designed to reduce app switching and keep customers focused on company articles. All customer actions (articles read) and tapR™ Interactions (articles shared, locations, ratings, ...) are available to be analysed in tapR™ Portal.

tapR™ Interaction: Facebook Like

Design meaningful interactions

tapR™ Interactions make communications as easy as choosing a template. Already available: sharing, commenting, rating, add to calendar, location.

Publishers providing content through tapR™ simply select an existing or new article and choose a tapR™ Interaction to overlay. tapR™ does the rest -- prompting the user, to collecting and analysing the results in the tapR™ Portal.

The more tapR™ Interactions offered, the more profiling and analysis of customers is available to drive your customer relationship better.

tapR™ Interaction: Rating

Responses need analytics

The tapR™ Portal manages and collects responses from tapR™ Interactions for control and analysis ... all in real-time!

The back-end of tapR™ is tapR™ Portal. Once a publisher account has been created full control is provided over the web content provided, Interactions to overlay, and the collection and collation of results.

Understanding a company's customer-base is vital to maintaining organisational growth. tapR™ Portal is constantly expanding the views and methods for data analysis, however custom views can also be requested.

tapR™ Interaction Analysis
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