Purposeful Messaging

meaningful overlays for communicating & refining profiles

Inno-Vision's proprietary tapR™ Interaction technology is structured messaging with communication and collection features. This technology develops a company's understanding of customers through profiling. Interactions currently available:

  • commenting via a user's social network account;
  • email sharing of content links;
  • rating systems;
  • address locations;
  • calendar entries & reminders;
  • structured catalog management; and
  • payment system integrations.
tapR™ Interactions

Web App Technology

develop once; run on any device

In-VOLVE™ is Inno-Vision's proprietary mobile app framework and provides all of the features that we love about a mobile app -- responsive data views; touch-based controls; effective information displays on a small display; and notification services to keep everything up to date.

All inVOLVE™ apps run in your favourite web browser on any smart mobile device, laptop or desktop.

In-VOLVE™ technology not only bypasses App Store revenue sharing constraints but also avoids delays caused by imposed testing, delivery and updating processes.

Inno-Sense collects and collates interactions

Server & Integration Technology

harmonising data collection and integration with mobile apps

Inno-Vision's proprietary server technology Inno-Sense™ provides a scalable base for delivery of information to mobile apps after managing information channels such as:

  • Social Networks: Facebook™, Twitter™, LinkedIn™
  • Web File and Content Collectors
  • Content Analysers: RSS, ATOM
  • Content Enrichers: filtering and formatting

These modules are optimised with Inno-Vision's inVOLVE™ technology for the delivery of highly connected mobile apps within mobile browsers.

Inno-Sense modules
Innovative server technology.
  • Feature:
    Introducing tapR™
  • Read Anywhere
  • Read & Share
  • Info. Responses
  • Analyse it!
  • Socially Connected
  • Interactive Menus
  • Order Control
  • Deliver & Verify
IV technology:
  • tapR™ Interactions
  • in-VOLVE™
  • Inno-SENSE™
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